Huge congratulations to Jackson, Amy, Steven, Will, Megan and Scott this weekend on certifying as PADI Dry Suit Open Water divers. We had an absolute blast teaching you.

Motivations to learn to SCUBA can vary considerably. We had Megan, a student at UBCO will shortly be joining the Bamfield Scientific Diving Course; Married couple Amy and Steve have have been wanting to learn to dive together for a long time; Scott has a holiday booked for Mexico and is excited at the thought of taking in some tropical diving (although we suspect he might get hooked on Cold Water diving too); Will has always wanted to learn and is looking forward to meeting new local divers; Jackson who is only 11 years old and has been given this truly remarkable gift of SCUBA Diving by his family and proved to be a real sweetheart with huge potential. He was our favourite!


Instructor Becky giving the daily dive brief at OK Centre.

Their journey started a few weeks ago. Five had attended a 2-day Pool and theory weekend training course, whilst Scott who is a shift worker opted for on-line learning followed by an intensive 1-day pool training day to learn all necessary practical pool skills. The course then progressed to the Lake where all six students were put through their certifying dives.


Steven, Scott and Will cooling off after donning our Dry Suits. 11 year old Jackson performing his buddy check with Instructor Brad whilst Mark helps take the weight off his back.

Kelowna Divers encourages all our divers to take the Dry suit upgrade which then allows them to fully enjoy Cold Water diving. We introduce the Drysuit in the pool first at the end of their pool training. All 6 of our divers opted in which means they gain the PADI Drysuit Specialty rating and enjoy an extra 5th dive in the lake.


Steven and Amy entering the water ready for their next dive.

We had glorious weather for Day 1- Saturday in the lake and completed 3 dives. Day 2 – Sunday had strong winds from early morning which created some difficult but realistic surface conditions. The final 2 dives were completed and there were smiles all round. We were especially impressed with Megan’s determination to conquer her inner fears and master all the necessary skills.


Megan and Jackson catching some Surface sun before their next dive.

Kelowna Divers will never put more than 4 students to an Instructor for safety reasons and to maximise instructor/ student interaction. We were very grateful for Instructors Becky and Brad to take the divers through their dives. Chief Instructor Tim was shoreside and was ably assisted by his Dive Master Susan and smiley shore helpers Franki and Mark.

We offer the full suite of PADI and BSAC SCUBA courses and have a wealth of experience and knowledge. We provide premium SCUBA Kit and top range Dry Suits for all our training and use Steel 100 CuFt Cylinders.

If you ever wanted to learn to dive or would like to progress to a Drysuit to properly enjoy BC’s fantastic Cold Water diving, then please get in touch.

We operate in association with Innerspace Watersports and are keen supporters of the growing local dive club, Okanagan Dive Club. Join the group on Facebook.

This next weekend we will be leading a dive for the Okanagan Dive Club to look for Ogopogo at Rattlesnake Island.