The strap-line logo for the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) reads “Dive With Friends”. Thats quite fitting for this weekend’s final qualifying weekend for 3 of our local divers. We’ve gotten quite used to diving with each other over the last few years. Huge congratulations to Becky Butt and Jason Doyle for completing all course practical requirements for the coveted BSAC Advanced Diver qualification, and a huge well done for Cole Ficociello who is one step closer to the BSAC Dive Leader qualification.


Jason Doyle and Becky Butt looking quite pleased with themselves.

Jason crossed over to BSAC from PADI Master SCUBA Diver in 2015 and completed his BSAC Dive Leader Course. Becky Butt has been a Dive Leader for many years and has been working on and off towards her Advanced Diver qualification for a few years now. For a small annual membership fee, BSAC provides $15 million third Party liability insurance and 12 monthly full colour editions of the fantastic ‘SCUBA’ magazine mailed to your door.

As well as extensive theory training covering dive theory, weather and seamanship skills there is a big emphasis on expedition planning to known and unknown locations. This year Jason has planned and executed two phenomenal club trips to dive the Kootenays and Pavillion Lake for the Okanagan Dive Club as part of his course.

There is also a requirement to complete over 30 dives in a number of specific categories including boat dives, Depth progression to 50m , drift dives, tidal water dives and planned decompression dives amongst others.

This weekend was the final Rescue skills and scenario assessment weekend where over 4 dives our students were tested on two types of Rescue Lifts from 20m Mask remove and replace at 20m, mid-water DSMB deployment and their personal rescue skills as well as being able to manage an effective team rescue. All our divers worked extremely hard to perfect their techniques.


BSAC students Cole, Becky and Jason take a brief pause whilst the AED machine re-checks the patient.

Cole had an outstanding weekend completing all his components for BSAC Dive Leader certification. His personal and rescue skills were mostly performed at 15m. At only 16 years old, Cole is proving to be a fantastic diver and is setting himself in good stead for a career under water. Well done Cole, you are almost there buddy.

Special thanks go to PADI Rescue Divers Dallas and David for volunteering to join us on the second day to add realism to the Rescue scenarios. We hope you enjoyed the day refreshing your skills and maybe improving your own diving skills to boot.

We ended each day with a proper weighting workshop at 5m with an almost empty tank (500PSI). The results are always quite staggering. If you have never been correctly weighted, we encourage you to complete this with an instructor. Not only will your trim improve, so will your buoyancy control and gas consumption rates.


Rescue team posing for a post dive picture.

Kelowna Divers is Canada’s only BSAC Premier dive centre and can teach all curriculum courses up to BSAC Advanced Diver and Skill Development Courses including Boat Handling instruction.

We also offer the full suite of PADI SCUBA courses and have a wealth of experience and knowledge. We provide premium SCUBA Kit and top range Dry Suits for all our training and use Steel 100 CuFt Cylinders. More course details can be found on this website.

If you ever wanted to learn to dive or would like to progress to a Drysuit to properly enjoy BC’s fantastic Cold Water diving, then please get in touch.

We operate in association with Innerspace Watersports and are keen supporters of the growing local dive club, Okanagan Dive Club. Join the group on Facebook.