Last weekend Kelowna Divers taught two PADI diver courses concurrently; the PADI Rescue Course & the PADI Open Water Course:

Rescue Course:
Congratulations to Kris, Brad and Dallas for completing their PADI Rescue Course last weekend. It was a pleasure to take you all through the course.

Our PADI Rescue course has 3 components: First aid training including AED & Oxygen administration training, Classroom and Pool training of Practical Rescue techniques and theory, followed by Open Water Practical rescue training with Rescue scenario assessments.


Rescuers Kris and Dallas providing effective BLS under Jason’s watchful eye as Rescue Manager

Kelowna Divers are very proud of our Rescue Course which focuses on learning and practicing effective Rescue techniques that really can make a difference in an emergency situation. Not all Rescue divers are created equally. Its not a cert card… its a mindset.

All our divers are keen local Cold Water divers and members of the Okanagan Diving Club. It was really encouraging to see these divers taking their own personal and team Rescue skills seriously and I know the OK Dive Club will continue to grow with a strong backbone of knowledgable and capable divers.

All our divers own their own equipment, which is nice to see at this level of diving. It also adds a interesting dynamic of realism to the training, as not everybody does wear the same kit configuration and so sometimes we have to adapt techniques to suit equipment being worn.

Another observation shared by the group was that skills that appear simple under pool conditions in a wetsuit can become a different beast when in Open Water where wind, waves and drysuit complications come into play. Nonetheless the group overcame these difficulties with bags of effort and determination producing some great results. I was especially impressed with the Ascent Rate control of the various Rescue lifts demonstrated by everyone. Well Done A-team.


The Rescue A-Team Kris, Dallas and Brad

Thanks also to DM student Austen for assisting me during the course and also Guest diver Jason who took an opportunity to join us in the lake to keep his own Rescue skills refreshed.

Open Water Course:

Huge congratulations to Nick and Jacinda for completing their PADI Open Water Course with Dry Suit upgrade last weekend.
The journey for these two divers started a few weeks ago in a warm heated classroom and pool house whereby all theory and pool diver training was completed. They were joined that weekend by Allen and Michelle who opted for to complete their Open Water training at a tropical destination.

Jacinda and Nick both completed their Open Water training here in Lake Okanagan wearing our toasty warm drysuits. We always encourage our customers to complete their full course here in the Okanagan. Not only do they receive great value training, it also offers continuity of instruction resulting in a respected Cold Water diving experience which opens up doors for some of the world’s best diving on our doorstep here in BC.

Both our diver’s had a huge motivation to learn to SCUBA; Nick has booked a dive trip to the Philippines and Jacinda is venturing south to dive Roatan in November with her keen diving boyfriend Dallas who has just completed his Rescue course above.

Both divers were ably taught in the lake by Kelowna Divers’ instructors Becky and Brad. We were all impressed by Jacinda’s grit and determination to complete all necessary skills in the lake. We have a feeling she will get the bug for SCUBA diving during her tropical retreat. Nick is a natural SCUBA diver and we hope he joins us back on a dive site when he returns from his trip.

Both divers are the first to receive a year’s complimentary membership of the Okanagan Dive Club which will now be offered to all new SCUBA Divers who sign up through InnerSpace Watersports.


A Team and B Team pausing for a post dive picture.

We offer the full suite of PADI and BSAC SCUBA courses and have a wealth of experience and knowledge. We provide premium SCUBA Kit and top range Dry Suits for all our training and use Steel 100 CuFt Cylinders.

If you ever wanted to learn to dive or would like to progress to a Drysuit to properly enjoy BC’s fantastic Cold Water diving, then please get in touch.

We operate in association with Innerspace Watersports and are keen supporters of the growing local dive club, Okanagan Dive Club. Join the group on Facebook.