Kelowna Divers ran their second Rescue Course for 2017 this weekend. Mark Beaney and Cameron Laverock were put through the paces of learning some invaluable rescue skills. Both divers had proof of recent First Aid certification and so we were able to complete the Rescue Course with O2 certification over just 2 days.

Day One is spent in our private poolhouse facility where we concentrated on both the classroom theory and practical training in a heated pool. This allows for students to practice and fully understand the requirements without the distraction of cold water, poor vis and cumbersome drysuits.

Day Two we dived in the lake, which over just the last 7 days has increased in temp from 3 to 7 deg C but the Vis has decreased from 40′ to only 5′! Adding to that we had a strong early morning Onshore breeze which made the training and testing conditions a realistic Sea State 2-3. Our divers ably assisted by Divemaster Intern Evan Tozer, practised again all the Rescue syllabus requirements along with a few extra skills taught by Chief Instructor Tim Butt. O2 administration and BLS was then refreshed during the surface interval along with Rope throwing techniques and Swim assist exits.

We then carried out the final scenario testing whereby Mark and Cameron under the watchful eye of Instructor – Brad Tingstad, searched and successfully located our lost diver, Instructor- Becky Butt, and brought her to the surface using a Controlled Buoyant Lift. Both divers then carried out effective In water Rescue Breathing whilst making fast progress to shore. Upon reaching shore timely de-kit took place and the casualty was brought to dry land whereby effective BLS including Chest Compressions and O2 Administration could take place.


Our Rescue divers lifting our casualty to dry land under the watchful eye of Instructor Brad.

Both Mark and Cameron had a great sense of humour and were open minded to new techniques and advice. They both produced solid pass results and we wish them all the best in their personal diving goals. Cameron will be completing Divemaster training over the next month or so. Good luck Cameron, You’ll be golden.


Mark and Cameron demonstrating effective BLS. Mark on the right too tired for “Blue Steel pulls a ‘Wet Rag’ expression.

Well done Mark and Cameron for a job well done. We really enjoyed teaching you and thank you DM Evan for your assistance.


The Happy Couple…. It’s a girl!

Huge thanks to our Kelowna Diver’s instructors Brad Tingstad and Becky Butt for helping me (Tim) teach the course. Our students always enjoy a good Student to instructor ratio to ensure maximum transfer of information. Please get in touch if you want to partake in any diver training.

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