13 Members of the Okanagan Dive Club volunteered to Clean Up areas of Pavilion Lake BC 24-25 Jun 2017. During a club trip last year (2016), It was noted by divers that the lake had more than its fair share of garbage scattered over its lake bed. Some of this garbage was identified to be in and amongst the protected Microbiolites which have been subject to international study by NASA over recent years. We felt this was a real shame.
Kelowna Divers in association with InnerSpace WaterSports approached BC Parks in 2016 with the view to conduct a PADI Project Aware Clean Up Dive to remove some of the garbage spoiling this fantastic lake. This event took several months to plan and thanks go to Western Mountains Area Supervisor Craig Baillie of BC parks for assisting and supporting this. Thanks also to Donnie Reid,Project Manager – Pavilion Lake Research Project, for supporting the event and presenting to the OK Dive Club on Pavilion Park and NASA’s research earlier this year.

Pavilion Lake, BC

Pavilion Lake is situated within the Marble Canyon Provincial Park. Its a fairly remote location and the provincial park is your only choice of group accommodation nearby. Divers had to arrive self sufficient for food, water diving spares and breathing gas for the entire weekend. We had an absolute blast; the diving was fantastic, the weather was glorious – not a drop in rain in sight and we got to have a good catch up with all our diving friends over the weekend. Many thanks to you all for supporting the event.

We are very grateful that BC Parks supported the event, led by Craig Baillie and his helpers Robin and Aaren. They had their own BC Parks boat which was used to collect garbage. Thanks also to Chad Edwards, owner of InnerSpace Watersports store for bringing and operating the Club boat for the weekend. Local residents of Pavilion Lake also showed their appreciation. Special thanks to local neighbour Frank for allowing both boats to use his private dock for the weekend.

Craig Baillie, BC Parks, prepping the boat.

The all important Safety Brief and the InnerSpace WaterSports dive boat.

In total 40 man dives were conducted over 4 different dive sites. Each Buddy Pair was asked to take a collection bag (Provided by PADI Project Aware) and collect any garbage that could be carried and had not become part of a microbiolite.The first dive proved to be the most productive with about 4 sacks of garbage collected composed of beer cans, lunch boxes, cheese and fishing hook boxes.

We then shifted location for the remaining dives and collected more garbage, In total around 8 sacks were filled over the weekend. BC Parks kindly offered to take these sacks away and dispose of them.

Our Volunteer Divers along with BC Parks team with some of the garbage collected.

We think it would be so cool if we could run this event as an annual Clean Up event and help protect our fantastic world beneath the surface.
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