Now retired from the British Army, Tim immigrated with his wife Becky to BC in 2013. Tim is a PADI Staff Instructor and BSAC Advanced Instructor and Becky is a PADI & BSAC Open Water Instructor. Both are extremely passionate about Scuba Diving hence Kelowna Divers was born. Outside of Scuba Diving, Tim is a businessman and Becky is a lawyer.

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Tim learnt to Scuba Dive under the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) organization with the British Army in 1996. He graduated through the Scuba Ranks to become a BSAC Instructor in 2004 and an Advanced Instructor in 2009. Tim is extremely proud of passing the highly coveted Military Sub-Aqua Diving Supervisor (SADS) selection in 2008. He crossed over his qualification to PADI in 2011 in preparation for leaving the Military and UK behind. He has over 1400 logged dives, mostly Cold Water dives but has also dived in the waters of Europe, Asia, N America, Central America, Australia. The most unusual dive trip was diving off the Kuwait coast for a spot of R & R during a tour of duty in Iraq.

Becky learnt to dive in 2005 during a military posting to Medicine Hat, AB. Initially under the ACUC Scuba scheme she crossed over to BSAC on return to the UK in 2006. Becky attained her BSAC Instructor qualification in 2012. She has over 700 logged dives again mostly in Cold water. Becky became a PADI Instructor in 2014. She loves diving the lakes and rivers of BC and last but not least the great wrecks and reefs off our Vancouver coast.

Tim & Becky have a wealth of Scuba Diving knowledge to share with their customers. They offer both BSAC and PADI syllabi courses. They not only enjoy spending their time under the water but also sailing above it. Both are avid sailors and both skipper qualified so chances are you will see them with smiles on their faces in and around the water throughout the year. You may also get to meet Maggie Kelowna Divers Scuba Dog and mascot.