Get your Advanced Open Water certification in just one fun filled weekend. Do you have a desire to improve and further consolidate your dive skills? The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course will allow you to explore a variety of different specialties while gaining more experience under the direction of one of our instructors. Completed over one weekend (5 dives), you will gain experience in deep, navigation, and any 3 additional dives from your choice of Search and Recovery, Buoyancy diving (Peak Performance Buoyancy), Night, SMB (Safety Sausage) Distinctive Workshop. There are additional choices on request but these prove to be the most popular and suitable choices.

Despite the name of the course, the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver is not reserved for advanced divers. Rather, it’s intended as the next step right after your PADI Open Water Diver course, to help you gain experience in different diving environments that you might encounter on vacation or on local dives. Think of it as part 2 in your learning to scuba dive program. You do not need to wait between your Open Water Dives and commencing the Advanced OW program; in fact it makes complete sense to book the two together to save money and ensure you are completely prepared to undertake different types of diving on your travels and adventures.

Qualifying Dive

Course Components

The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course consists of two main parts:

Knowledge Development completed using home study or e-learning ($100 – e-Learning upgrade)

Open Water Dives: Five Dives over one weekend. Deep And Navigation and any other 3 of your choice.

Must be an Open Water Diver (or qualifying equivalent certification from another training organization) or a Junior Open Water Diver and be 12 years of age.

We provide you with Tank, Weights, BCD & Regulator Set

You need to provide your own personal mask, fins, snorkel, boots, hood and gloves. These items are also available for hire at additional cost if required.

If you have a Dry Suit Certification, you can rent one for the dives for an additional $50

For an additional $60 we can provide 2 boat dives. Subject to at least 4 other divers booking.

We do also offer a night dive as an option. These are great fun and are surprisingly a favorite dives amongst our AOW students. The only additional kit required is a Diving Torch which we can provide for an additional $10.

Enriched Air Course Upgrade (NITROX) – $200

NITROX is a gas mix SCUBA divers use to maximize their bottom time on shallower dives (less than 35m/110’) It is more refreshing to breathe than compressed air and does not leave you as tired when repetitive diving. Did I mention you get longer to enjoy that wreck or photographing that pod of dolphins! You must be trained and certified to be a NITROX diver.
Includes training, certification card and 1 x additional dive and NITROX gas for Open Water Dives.