At Kelowna Divers, we take the name Divemaster pretty seriously and as a result our divemaster program is different than most. We focus on helping you achieve your goals, and provide for lots of extra training time, mentoring and practice if needed. We encourage you to help out with as many real courses and live students as you want, to gain valuable experience and increase your confidence to enable you to be a true dive leader.

Why become a PADI Divemaster?

  • You’ll join the elite group known as PADI Dive Professionals, and will stand head and shoulders above recreational divers
  • You’ll earn respect when you show your Divemaster card
  • You’ll be able find employment as a dive professional at dive centres and resorts around the world
  • You’ll be able to act as a certified teaching assistant, helping instructors show new divers the sport you love. Imagine being a part of changing someone’s life as they learn to take their first breath underwater!
  • You’ll be the expert certified divers turn to for advice, help and guidance
  • You’ll be able to supervise divers and students and act as a leader in the diving community
  • You will feel an incredible sense of accomplishment and self-fulfillment
  • You’ll be in charge of helping others have fun and enjoy diving!

Why become a Divemaster with Kelowna Divers?

  • Kelowna Divers Divemasters are personally trained by our IDC Staff Instructor. They also receive coaching and feedback from each Kelowna Divers instructor they work with, which enables them to gain exposure to variety of teaching styles
  • Our divemaster program includes an academic and practical curriculum designed to provide you with lots of in-water practice time for skill development, as well as knowledge development to increase your understanding of dive theory
  • Our divemasters are personally mentored throughout their program
  • Our divemaster candidates are encouraged and welcome to assist on ALL of our courses with real students, as often as they wish, not just the minimum number required to pass
  • Our instructors involve our divemaster candidates in all aspects of training, from course preparation to working directly with students under supervision
  • Our divemaster candidates will gain experience working on our dive boat, helping divers, giving briefings and leading tours. After all, this is what most of us picture when we want to become a divemaster down south!
  • We train each and every divemaster candidate as if they would be working for us, which means to the highest possible standards
  • You’ll learn to supervise students in more challenging conditions, such as cold water and current, so that anywhere else you plan to work will be easier!

As a result, Kelowna Divers Divemasters are some of the most experienced and thoroughly trained around, and are well prepared to take the next step as an instructor, armed with tons of actual course experience.

So if you are looking to challenge yourself and truly earn the title of Divemaster, talk to us!

The PADI Divemaster course consists of several main parts:
Knowledge Development includes home study, classroom or e-learning.
Practical Applications.
Internship with real customers.
Stamina Exercises
Skill Workshop
Rescue Workshop
Deep Diving Scenarios
Search and Recovery Scenarios
Multiple Confined Water Dives
Multiple Open Water Dives
Lots of practice!
LOTS of fun!

18 years old
Advanced Open Water Diver (or qualifying certification)
Rescue Diver (or qualifying certification)
Emergency First Responder within last 24 months (or qualifying certification)
At least 40 logged dives

Scuba gear can be rented at an additional cost but we do highly recommend that you should have your own at this stage in your diving career.

As a certified Dive Master you will be authorised to:

Supervise training and non-training activities
Assist a PADI Instructor
Teach PADI Skin Diver Course
Teach PADI Discover Snorkelling
Teach the Scuba Review program
Conduct PADI Discover Local Diving
Teach Discover Scuba Diving (with DSD internship)
Teach PADI Digital Underwater Photo (after taking the PADI digital photo instructor course)
Teach the EFR program (after taking the EFR instructor course)

This is the first step towards becoming a PADI Instructor