Standard and Premium SCUBA equipment and cylinders are available for hire from our supporting partners Innerspace Watersports with fully stocked Watersports stores conveniently located in both Kelowna and Vernon. Click here for more info and pricing:

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At Kelowna Divers, We believe in providing our customers you with the very best in quality SCUBA equipment so you get to maximise your enjoyment and experience whilst remaining completely comfortable and dry. Not all SCUBA equipment is the same – do not be fooled! We provide you with exactly the same equipment we choose to use for ourselves… that’s testament to the products we supply.

We provide the following brands whilst under training with us:

Faber Steel 100 Cuft tanks – chosen for air capacity and buoyancy characteristics. Steel means less weight on your weight belt.

Buddy Commandos BCDs with Integrated weights – World renowned BCDs from AP Valves UK. Reliability and quality of service is second to none. Try them and see for yourself.

APEKS XTX range regulators. Need we say more? Technical excellence. Hugely reliable and the performance is world class. Every single component is made from scratch and assembled in the APEKS factory in Blackburn UK. Nothing is manufactured in China.

Aqualung (Whites) Fusion Drysuits. We love these. Yes they look a bit quirky, but these are so easy to dive, no ankle weights are needed, minimal suit squeeze and the silicone seals are so comfy and watertight. All our Open Water divers certify in these suits. We have even tested them on Ice Dives, and we can report them to be toasty warm and dry. We provide these with Dry gloves, Rock boots and vented hoods.