Night diving is one of the most fun kinds of scuba diving you can do. However it can also be scary at first for some, and requires a new way of diving and communicating underwater, since you`ll be seeing the underwater world through the beam of your light. Come and try one of the most unique specialties with one of our highly trained instructors. They will explain how to safely enjoy night diving and within minutes, your nervousness will disappear.

Why dive at night? You`ll see life that you can’t see during the day, including nocturnal creatures that come out of hiding to parade around freely. The reef and oceans come alive at night with a whole new population! And you`ll also spot some of your favourite fish sound asleep. The same dives sites you know well by day can take on a whole new life at night. You’ll be in awe of the difference.

The PADI Night Diver course consists of two main parts:

Knowledge Development completed using home study
Open Water Dives x 3

Must be an Open Water Diver (or qualifying certification from another training organization) or a Junior Open Water Diver and be OVER 12 years of age.

We provide you with Tank, Weights, BCD & Regulator Set.

You need to provide your own personal mask, fins, snorkel, boots, hood and gloves. These items are also available for hire at additional cost if required.

Learn Night diving techniques including:
Planning, organization
Avoiding hazards
Night diving communication techniques
Proper use of a dive light
Night navigation techniques
Equipment considerations
Complete 3 certification dives

If you have a Dry Suit Certification, you can rent one for the dives for an additional $50

Torches are available for rent at additional cost.