Whether you want to dive on your vacations down south, or dive the beautiful lakes and rivers of BC or indeed the world class scuba diving opportunities off our coast, your training with Kelowna Divers will ensure that you will be a safe and confident scuba diver wherever you dive. Remember of course, you`ll have fun while learning!

Diving Theory

Whilst not rocket science, there are some important aspects to how Scuba Diving affects our body when underwater which we need to make sure you understand for your own safety and safety of other divers. There are two methods of completing the theory section of the course.

Method 1: Classroom based at our location prior to each 5 pool sessions, we will spend 60 minutes or so teaching you what you need to know. There is additional home study required for this method in your own time.

Method 2: E-Learning. The entire course is completed by you on-line in your own time through the PADI e-learning web based program. You will have complete PADI support throughout the course and we are there to coach you through any difficult subject areas. This is the most flexible way to complete the theory course and frees you up to concentrate on the practical side of diving.

Note: There is an additional PADI surcharge for the e-learning option – $194

Pool Sessions

We have a number of practical skills to teach you in the swimming Pool before we progress you to Open Water. These will normally be completed over five (Tue ,Wed & Thu) evening pool sessions. Daytime Pool sessions can be arranged on request.

Open Water Dives

Our instructors will take you on 4 Open Water dives whereby we repeat the same skills and drills learnt in the pool environment. We conduct these dives in a calm relaxed manner so as to make your learning experience as enjoyable and effective as possible. At the end of the course, your globally recognized PADI certification will allow you to dive in open water anywhere, to a depth of up to 18 metres or 60 feet.

This will give you an excellent foundation to start scuba diving and prepare you to continue on to the next level with our PADI Advanced Open Water diver course, which will enable you to dive to depth of up to 30 metres or 100 feet, sample some exciting adventure dives and fine tune your scuba skills. We wholeheartedly recommend divers to take the PADI Advanced Open Water course as soon as possible after certifying to build on a good foundation of practical and theoretical knowledge which will allow us to focus on coaching you through an additional 5 Open Water adventure dives under our supervision and instruction.

10 years of age for Junior Open Water Diver (limitations apply) and 15 years for Open Water Diver. Good health, reasonable fitness and comfort in the water.

We provide you with Tank, Weights, BCD & Regulator Set

You need to provide your own personal mask, fins, snorkel, boots, hood and gloves. These items are also available for hire at additional cost if required.

Dry Suit upgrade – $150
Recommended for winter courses and divers who plan to conduct further Coldwater diving or training. Includes hire of a Dry Suit and tuition on how to use correctly, 1 extra Pool session, 1 extra Open Water Dive.