Whether you’re a novice Open Water Diver or a Divemaster with 100’s of logged dives, a Surface marker Buoy (Safety Sausage) is your lifeline when a dive goes wrong. These inexpensive aids show your position whilst underwater, giving your surface cover advanced warning of your situation. More and more dive locations in the world are mandating the use of SMB’s but yet the majority of recreational divers are unaware how to use these effectively and safely. Unpracticed, deployment of this invaluable safety aid can become useless, ineffective and extremely dangerous. Many diver accidents and fatalities could well have been avoided with the correct use of an SMB.

Rock Solid Delayed SMBs on display following a drift dive. Rock Solid Delayed SMBs proudly on display following a drift dive.


Must be an Open Water Diver (or qualifying certification from another training organization) or a Junior Open Water Diver and be 10 years of age.

We provide you with Tank, Weights, BCD & Regulator Set

You need to provide your own personal mask, fins, snorkel, boots, hood and gloves. These items are also available for hire at additional cost if required.

Discover the different types and operation of Delayed SMB’s available and the pro’s and cons of each type
Discover different types and operation of reels and pros and cons of each
Deployment methods and techniques including a review of Boyles Law
Over 2 dives you will be taught tips and tricks to safely deploy an effective SMB from depth using following methods:
Fixed deployment
2 man method – bag man
2 man method – reel man
Solo – negative
Solo – Neutral
You will also be taught good reel discipline and buddy awareness.
Complete 2 certification dives

If you have a Dry Suit Certification, you can rent one for the dives for an additional $50